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CHYN is a Sports Management community organically built to support professionals in their goals both on and off the field. CHYN started at the grass-roots level to provide professional soccer players with quality off-season training. These competitive sessions evolved into a support system for players based on mentorship regardless of demographic or background. Our passion anchored in growth and community has grown to provide full-service support for clients globally.

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Jesse Williams

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 The world of sports connects individuals from all backgrounds. CHYN aims to nurture these connections by building a community where everyone can receive the support they deserve.


We grind for the "Y"

CHYN thrives to nurture more rounded individuals with identities that go beyond what they do in sport.  We work with top-level talents to elevate their play on the pitch with:

-1 on 1 game analysis and breakdowns

-custom technical development programs

-mental training and mentorship

-access to feedback from other professionals in the community

Off the field, our focus shifts to each person's "Y." When one finds their true motivation for "why" he or she wants to be successful, it brings clarity, efficiency, and more overall happiness. CHYN supports this by helping to build each athlete's personal brand to promote a more long-term sustainable career.

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Orlando, FL. USA

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